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What's FINE?
FINE is a European Research Project, co-funded by the European Community under the FP7 - ICT program.
Visit the "Overview" and "Objectives" labels on the main website to see more details.

What does FINE stand for?
FINE is the acronym of Freeview Immersive Networked Experience.

Who is working in FINE?
Project FINE is lead by Mediapro Research, the R&D department of the big audiovisual corporation in Spain.
There are industrial and academic partners in the project.
Among the industrial partners there are:
Bitmanagement from Germany, Tracab from Sweden, EVS from Belgium and Abertis|Telecom from Spain.
Among the academic partners there are:
Barcelona Media from Spain, University of Hasself from Belgium and KTH from Sweden.
Visit the "Partners" label on the main website for more information about the partners of Project FINE.

What's the use of Freeview?
FINE is conceived as a novel approach to mainly experiment the replays of live sports on TV, giving to the professional and home users, the complete control about the point of view chosen to see an action. However, many more applications can be applied to this technology.

What's the Advisory Board?
It is a group of important companies from the audiovisual industry, which will have first prototypes of the outcomes of the project prior to launch a commercial version of the product.

How can my company join the Advisory Board?
In order to be a member of the advisory board of FINE, any candidate must be approved by all the partners of the project. It has no economic cost to join the board.

When did start Project FINE and when is it concluding?
Formally speaking, the Project FINE started the research phase on April 1st 2010, and concluded on July 31st 2013.
Initial developments come farther away than 2010, and the proposal itself was written from the end of 2008 and during 2009.
Some of the Intellectual Property bringing this project to reality, has been filed even earlier than those dates.
Practically speaking, the project will conclude after the final review, planned for September 2013. After that, the project will turn into a commercial product, and launch date has not been announced yet.

Are there any documents available?
There is a section on the website with links to publications and papers, and also a set of deliverables that are of public access. You can download them by going to the label "Resources" on the top of the website. They are ordered by year.
A new section to download a community dataset will be included, but a user & password will be necessary to access that private part of the website and they will be provided on request by email.

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